Clockwork Ep

by Left of the Dial

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released July 25, 2012






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Left of the Dial Michigan

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Track Name: Crashing
Crashing from black caffeine
It always defeats me
A T3 deficiency
Whose short leash is choking around my neck
And pulling me back to bed again

And I can't seem
To lift this heavy boulder laying on my chest
But what's one
Routine obligation stacked on all the rest?

If I can find enough strength to lift my head
Then I can find a way to begin again, right?

Back to where I started from

Cold is the shoulder of the world as it passes me by
Feeling the breeze from behind closed eyes

Living behind closed eyes

Back to where I started from
Track Name: Worrywart
What are we so afraid of?
All of this worry is weighing on me
Can't keep up, can't keep up, can't keep up
If you are afraid then you don't believe we can control who we can become

I'm constantly letting the stress get the best of me
My check's not as high as I needed it to be
Lock your doors because the criminals roam free
The criminals are you and me

I take a look at the earth and wonder
Why I succumb to the stress I'm under
When I am nothing in the spectrum of time
My complaints are just worthless chatter
Just how much do my problems matter?
Who the fuck am I?
Track Name: Captain or Trapped In?
In a sea so empty
A captain dies with his ship
In a fleet depleting
And great lakes encircling

They're squeezing and choking us out

Where did everybody go?
New places, new homes
New interests

Cities that feel more alive
Am i staying here to die?
To fade out too?

An empty show
I'm here alone
Now another year older
I'm a rusted anchor in the ground

A treasure begging to be found
Another body 6 feet down
Will i dock or will i drown?

What's everybody running from?
Track Name: Ad and Subtract
I don't want to see it
But that choice is never mine to make
Because everywhere I turn
There's something telling me who I am
What I should think and what i need to do
To do to be accepted, to do to be a man

With new billboard screens
With text as big as me
Because we all know
Your brain reads every word you see
Demographics show
We're incapable
Of thinking alone
If that's true, then who are we?

Identity in question
Who would we be without the influence
Of things that we don't need?
So analyze, re-naturalize
Its foreign to think, but ask yourselves have we
Have we ever really relied on ourselves?

Athletes and all of their sponsorships
Saying that we're all talentless
That we could never win
Unless we have all of their logos
Tattooed all over all of our clothes
We're doing ourselves in

Then I want out

Now we're walking billboards
Oh, what great advertisement
You support a product
And now we're products ourselves

Well I want to change
I want to go my separate way
Are we too far gone
To live our lives on our own?